Thursday, July 21, 2016

Just Do It (post #2 of 3)

The other day I started writing after being inspired from the introduction of Phil Knight's memoir, Shoe Dog. You can read that original post here - Just Do It (post #1 of 3) (linked).

I don't have an elaborate introduction, other than here is my follow-up post (with still one more post in draft form).
"What if there were a way, without being an athlete, to feel what athlete's feel? To play all the time, instead of working? Or else to enjoy work so much that it becomes essentially the same thing?" (p.3-4)
Choose your attitude, make someone else's day, be there, and play. Those are the principles of the Fish philosophy.

If you don't enjoy your work, find something else to do. Life is too short to do things that we don't give us daily satisfaction.

I feel pretty comfortable/confident in saying that there are plenty of opportunities to play all the time if you work in education. If you work in education, you will most likely spend some time working in a school. And if you spend some time working in a school, you will be in constant contact with kids.

You work with kids. You deserve the opportunity to have fun and play, daily. It should be your professional obligation to take advantage of some of these opportunities. Kids Deserve It.

What are some of the examples of things that I do to play in my job as an elementary school principal? Taking birthday selfies with students, any type of celebration with staff and students, playing with kids at recess, reading aloud to classes, high fives - lots of high fives, wearing Darth Vader or some other type of funky socks, wearing my LEGO bow tie, sharing inspiring/motivational resources with staff, being taped to a chair...I could go on and on, but like Jay Bilas says, "I gotta go to work."

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