Saturday, January 21, 2017

What's Your Sentence?

If George Couros writes it, I read it.

Recently, he wrote the post - A Vision for the "4 Non-Negotiables For All Schools"

In the post, George talks about revisiting his Educational Leadership Philosophy and attempting to capture it into a sentence. Embedded in that post is a POWERFUL video from Dan Pink:

Instant motivation.

For the past (almost) year, I have been able to identify four acts that I feel are essential to me in my role as a school leader:
  • Building relationships
  • Communicating
  • Learning
  • Choosing a positive attitude
Here's my initial/rough draft attempt at capturing these four actions into 'My Sentence':
Eric Ewald builds relationships through frequent communication and modeling a positive attitude to create a positive learning environment.
Here's the thing - above - that's my desired state. I know that I'm not perfect with in regards to any of those actions. I have room to grow and improve. And that's why Pink's second question that we should be asking ourselves is so important - 'Was I Better Today than Yesterday?'

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