Monday, December 21, 2015

12 Days of a Starry Staff Christmas

A big aspect of leadership is giving. Giving responsibility to others so that they can assume leadership roles; giving autonomy to others so that people can pursue their own curiosities, interests, and strengths; giving feedback in a way that will facilitate growth; giving trust so people are empowered to take risks, giving a listening ear to allow others to vent and reflect, giving advice and opinions when and where others are stuck and needing assistance, giving confidence to others by celebrating what is working well for them.
I enjoy being able to give to others. 

This year, during this holiday season, I have been giving the staff at Starry the following. It is not much, I know; and I wish that I had more to give, but I am hopeful that these small gestures can enhance moods and reduce stress just a little during this hectic time of year.

And while some may applaud me for my creativity/originality, the idea was borrowed. I've seen it spread across my PLN from people like Jay Posick (@posickj) and Amber Teamann (@8Amber8) and others. They gave me the idea and the structure - thanks! I just tweaked it to make it work for me.

Happy Holidays!

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