Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Second Grade Q&A

Last week one of our second grade classroom's was working on writing questions as part of their Work on Writing station during their Daily 5 rotations. The students have been working hard to include capital letters and question marks, while making sure their questions make sense. Their teacher allowing them to ask me questions was an extension idea from our Journeys story for the week entitled Schools Around the World

Upon hearing this, I asked their teacher if she would allow her students to email me their questions. I then took that email and published their questions along with my answers on my blog to give our students a larger and more authentic audience. 

The students had a great time thinking of and generating questions, their teacher had a great time reading what they had come up with, and their principal (me) had a great time responding to them. We hope that you enjoy reading about our students' curiosities in regards to their principal.

Andrew: Who is your favorite teacher? 
Growing-up my favorite teacher that I had was in third grade, Mr. P

Trinity: What's your favorite thing about being a principal? 
I love being able to be around so many cool kids everyday.

Kolby: Do you like Christmas? 
Yes! It is one of my favorite times of the year.

My two kids - Olivia and Ryne
Jozie AND Lydia: Do you have any kids? 
I have two. My son, Ryne is five and he is in pre-school, and my daughter, Olivia, is a year-and-a-half.

Koven: When will you go to the Hawkeyes game? 
We used to have season tickets to the Hawkeyes football games, but now we just go to one or two each year. My Dad has season tickets for the Hawkeyes basketball games so I go to some of those.

Odyn: Where were you born? 
Iowa City

Raelynn: Will we build robots in art class? 
That would be a good question for Mr. Thornton.

Patrick: Do you like the Iowa Hawkeyes or Iowa State? 
Iowa Hawkeyes! I do NOT like Iowa State.

Devin: Do you like the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Seahawks? 
I like the Iowa Hawkeyes! I'm not a Seattle Seahawks fan.

Jordan: What kind of cookies do you like? 
Chocolate chip

Bryker: Do you have pets? 
I've never had any pets

Oliver: Have you ever been to another school? 
I've worked in four different schools. I've visited a lot of different schools.

Brooklyn: What did you eat TODAY? 
I usually eat cereal or oatmeal for breakfast; I don't usually eat lunch during the school day, but I'll eat small snacks throughout the day, and for dinner I eat whatever my wife cooks - she's a great cook!

Stella: How old are you? 
16+16 = how old I am

Delaney: What is your favorite holiday? 

Evan: What is your favorite football team? 
Iowa Hawkeyes and Chicago Bears

Aubrey: Do you like pizza? 
It is my favorite food

Jayden: Did you have a job before you were a principal? 
I used to be a teacher

Jameson: Do you have a cousin? 
I have quite a few cousins, but I don't see them very often

Kaleb: Do you remember when I helped Skyler and Grady?
I do remember that. It's one of my favorite memories from the year.

Annie: Have you ever been a principal? 
Yep, I was a principal for three years at a different school before I became the principal here at Starry.

Skylar: Do you have a wife? 
Yes. She is a first grade teacher in Solon
Mrs. Dunne: Do you think the Cubs will win it all in 2016? 
I hope!

Mrs. Tank: Will you come into our classroom and share your answers with us since some of us don't have computers at home?
How about if I come-in before I am scheduled to read aloud to your class this Wednesday?

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