Monday, February 8, 2016

My #edchat Take-Away from the Super Bowl

Most Americans are aware that the Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers recently in Super Bowl 50.

I'v used this blog, previously to confess my love for sports. I love the countless applications to the real world from the lessons that sports teach.

It is often through defeat that we learn our greatest lessons.

Let it be known that I like Cam Newton.

I do not, however, like how Cam Newton handled himself, yesterday, after losing the Super Bowl. Because contrary to what Charles Barkley said, long ago, athletes are role models. Right or wrong, millions of kids are watching our most famous athletes and then emulating their every move (for better or worse).

I am an elementary school principal. And I will admit that I sometimes have "tough" days. I've had days where it felt like I was going-up against the Denver Broncos defense.

And while I've never played on the world's biggest stage, and I've never so much as tried-on Cam Newton's shoes let alone walk in them. But I know that I would never be allowed to respond - to staff, to students, to parents - at the end of a subpar day like Cam Newton responded to reporters in his post game press conference. Can you imagine?

We all have bad days. Don't sulk. Own it. Learn from it. Commit to getting better as a result of it. Establish and practice a growth mindset because #KidsDeserveIt.

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