Tuesday, February 9, 2016

#PositivePostItDay is Coming

Last year, through the Twitter account of +Tony Sinanis, I learned of something called #PositivePostItDay.

The idea appealed to me, and we decided to participate in a version of #PositivePostItDay at my site. We pretty much followed the model that Tony outlines in his blog post (linked - Leading Motivated Learners - Positive Post-It Day).

Everyone received compliments, all-day-long. And everyone gave compliments, all-day-long. It felt good to receive compliments. But it felt even better to give compliments.

It was a huge success. Individuals were going above and beyond what we had set as our expectation for the amount of post-its that everyone was required to write. Furthermore, post-its were displayed and left-up for the remainder of the year for all to see.
So Tony and I have been conversing. We agree that there is great value in doing things like #PositivePostItDay. #KidsDeserveIt (and adults do to). This year we want as many schools as possible to join us for #PositivePostItDay, which we've designated for - 
Tuesday, March 29th, 2016.  

Save the date, and put it on your calendar. Start to buy and/or gather stacks of post-it notes. Explain the idea to your school community. Get ready for a really fun activity that promotes a positive school culture/climate. Get ready for a great day that results in everyone being in really good spirits on #PositivePostItDay.

(+Todd Nesloney also wrote a pretty great blog, last year, about his site's experience (linked - Ninja Reflections on Education - #PositivePostItDay at @NavasotaInt)).


  1. I am in England and not the USA. But, my school will be participating. Great way to be mindful through gratitude.

  2. https://educationsvoice.wordpress.com/2016/02/21/positivepostitday/

    There you go! We are joining you!