Wednesday, July 26, 2017

#DadsAsPrincipals - Legacy

Last summer, my friend, Hamish Brewer shared a book, Legacy, with me.

I think about that word, Legacy, each and every day. What do I want my Legacy to be? How do I want people to remember me?

My son doesn't (and my daughter won't) attend my school. We (my wife and I) entertained the idea (me maybe more than her), but the appeal of the neighborhood school was just too strong. I'm good with that. He ended-up at a school down the street from me; in a building with a principal and a staff that I highly admire. Eventually, he (as well as my daughter, who isn't school-aged (yet)) will end-up in a junior high and a high school with all of the Students that I serve at Van Allen Elementary.

His (their) friends will be the Students that I serve.

My family is my inspiration. It's what drives me to be the best possible Principal that I can be. To make them proud to say that I'm their Dad, I'm her husband, etc.

I am not a perfect Dad, just like I'm not a perfect Principal. I sometimes work too much and don't always devote enough time to my family. On the flip side, I sometimes put off work in-order to spend time with my family. There are times when I multi-task in an effort to get it all done, only to short change everything that I am doing. I sometimes get distracted and don't focus on the right things. I sometimes struggle to truly engage in the individual moment. I sometimes struggle with being present.

Despite these struggles, I'm trying. I'm aware of them, and I'm working on them. Unfortunately, it's not linear. Fortunately, #DadsAsPrincipals is a movement to help remind me of this focus.

I want to be the very best Principal for Van Allen Elementary. I want to be a positive influence and a difference maker for the kids that I serve at school. I also want to be the very best Dad for Ryne and Olivia. I want to leave a Legacy so that my kids will be proud to say that I am their Dad. That's what #DadsAsPrincipals is about for me. It's striving to be great in both roles. It's forKeeps.

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