Friday, July 7, 2017

Un-Slumping Yourself is Not Easily Done

At the conclusion of the school year, I read passages of Oh, the Places You'll Go! to our graduating Sixth Grade Students. I love that book.

I also love writing. I love blogging. I love the feeling that I get after I've completed a draft and put all of my thoughts out there. I compare the feeling to that of a runner's high - that feeling that you get just after a long run when your body is producing all of the endorphins.

But I haven't blogged in a long time. I last hit Publish on May 12th, 2017. And that was simply a repost of something that I'd written previously for a different site. I haven't published an original post since April 14th, 2017.

It might sound foolish, but this has been weighing on me. I told myself get through May, get through the school year, and then start writing again in June. The school year has been over. June has passed. I haven't written much other than To Do lists. I feel as though I am in a slump.

I LOVE the parallels between sports and life. In sports, and let's use baseball for an example since it is baseball season, how do you un-slump yourself? Well, if you are in a hitting slump, you Just. Keep. Swinging.

So this is my post. Published on July 7th, 2017. The post about nothing. But it's how I will un-slump myself. It's my commitment to resume blogging about relevant topics regarding my learning and sharing. I've got ideas. I've go a list of them. I just need to write. I need to Just Do It.

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