Tuesday, July 18, 2017

#DadsAsPrincipals - A Movement

Being a Dad is hard. Being a Mom is hard. Being a Parent is hard.

Being a Principal is hard. Being a Teacher is hard. Being an Educator is hard.

Life is hard.

But life, and being all of these things is also great! In fact, I might argue that the struggle that these things entail is one of the reasons why they are so great.

This movement - #DadsAsPrincipals - isn't about celebrating Dads over Moms, or Principals over any other position.

This movement - #DadsAsPrincipals - is about creating a community of people that all have commonalities that don't only need shared, but instead need celebrated.


  1. Thanks for creating a place / space for us to collaborate with colleagues in similar situations professionally and personally! I look forward to engaging in discussions with this group in the future!

  2. Yes I agree. The movement as it were is a needed space of connecting our professional community with our personal life. Key.